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I was always so so different!

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From a young age, I would stop & stare at people around me. At times, making them feel uncomfortable.

Little did I realize, I was reading their soul.

As I grew older, lived a 'normal' life through school, university & work, my experience with spirit became intense. 

When the time came in my late 20's, to embrace my soul calling, the right people came on my path to help me nurture my spiritual abilities. These included connecting with many healers from across India.

The ability runs through both of my grandparents line through their ancestral serving rooted from India.

We have energetic healing temples built in India, which we continue to serve to this day. 

I work tools- free; meaning I do not use tarot or anything associated with divination tools.

Being a channeller means being an enlightened, advanced soul with an energy of healing

at its highest vibrational form. 

Everything, from when I am "switched on", is divinely channelled. 

This is proven from the evidential information validations I receive. 

Sometimes in a session, loved ones in spirit, will come through.

I can see, hear, feel them around and they validate, give messages to let you know,

they are always with you.

The aim of my platform is to evolve souls from 3Dimensional to 5Dimensional beings.

Whether it is in spiritual insight, grief, career, healing, relationships, manifestations. 

The guidance is all there and at the end of it all, you have free will. 

Being chosen as a channeller, with such healing divine abilities to step

into the other side- the spiritual realm, is a blessing. 

I know that the souls have been pre-set for me, to energetically guide, heal & nurture.

I am a strong believer that the events, situations & people we meet with, all have a bigger picture.

After all, we are all connected through energy, as spiritual beings in a human body.   

& for me, it's all about sharing my healing abilities for the highest good.