I was always so so different!


From a young age, I would stop & stare at people around me, making them feel uncomfortable.

Little did I realize, I was reading their soul.

As I grew older, lived a 'normal' life through school, university & work, my experience with spirit became intense. And so, I was guided to control & manage my gifts. 

When the time came, in my late 20's, to embrace my calling, the right people came on my path to help me nurture my spiritual gifts.

I work tools- free; meaning I do not use tarot or anything associated with divination tools.

I am not a "life coach".

I am a Spiritual Master - meaning an enlightened soul with an energy of healing & spirit energy channeling abilities at its highest vibrational form. 

Everything, from when I am "switched on", is divinely channelled. 

This is proven from the evidential information I receive. 

From spiritual insight, grief, career, healing or goals to manifestations, the guidance is all there from when I channel and at the end of it all, you have free will. 

Being chosen as a channeller, with such healing gifts to step into the other side- the spiritual realm, is a blessing & although not everyone has the ability, or is able to understand it, that is OK, because I know that the souls have been pre-set for me, to guide, heal & nurture.

I am a strong believer that events, situations & people all have a bigger picture.

After all, we are all connected as spiritual beings in a human body.  

For me - it's all about using & sharing my gifts for the highest good.