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ASK Annie

Psychic Physical Medium

Spiritual Coach

Manifestation Psychic Coach
Tools Free
Natural ability channeller

About Me

I connect with my natural born Psychic abilities to give guidance in many different areas in ones life. 

Be it in love & relationships, family, friends, career, grief, healing, negativity, holistic, manifestations. 

My connection to the Universe is more fast tracked because

it is very well connected to the Universe before birth. 

With this energy it then helps me to connect getting more energy of the right now & things ahead.

I am tools free meaning I do not use any divination tools. 

I love to work as a 'Psychic Manifestation Coach' & 2023 I secured my 1st celebrity client where I am using my abilities in a very unique way.

I have plans of carrying out live stage demonstration events

and have some exciting media endeavours for 2023!